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Commander Keen 4 is behaving badly

in DOS
Hi, I've got some trouble with Commander Keen on my K5-PR133, 64 MB Ram, DOS 6.22 setup. Most other games runs fine, but Commander Keen is a real bitch during startup. The game uses a really long time to load on the initializing screen. This happens only during the first launch after a boot/reboot, …

Re: Raw OPL Playback?

Thanks for the info about this cool util. I'm looking for a way to play back the .dro files in either Dosbox, Windows or Linux. Not much point in recording them if you cant play them. I know AdPlug can play them, but It wont play all the songs in the original way (other drums etc.).

Re: Hi Admins - Question

Allthough DOSBox is GPL licensed and that allows you to publish it whereever you want as long as the original source and license is included, the best thing is to allow official development talk and downloads stay on the original website. If you want to introduce young ?? Danes ?? to DOS Gaming, I …

Re: does dosbox support MIDI IN yet?

I know gaming is the primary goal of DOSBox, but allowing people to use old Dos applications are priceless. You won't find any working emulator that has the same device support as DOSBox, and modern sound hardware aren't neccesary 100% backwards compatible with the old hardware. I would also love to …

Re: Floppy Images & Copy Protection (Lemmings)

Hmm your fix didn't work. I've tried with both rawwrite and winimage. both fails DosBox output (to the Status Window) Seek to 0 with type 0 (absolute value 0) Seek to 0 with type 0 (absolute value 0) Seek to 512 with type 0 (absolute value 512) Seek to 34 with type 0 (absolute value 34) Lemmings …

Floppy Images & Copy Protection (Lemmings)

Hi, I've started collecting floppy images made from the original games, that means that the copy protection is still present. This isn't a problem in games with User Manual quiz-questions, but a huge problem with sector and label protections (or something like that). I can't figure out how to get …

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