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Re: What game are you playing now?

Was playing one of the games that I picked up at a garage sale yesterday: The Typing of the Dead , a Sega game of all things! What a bizarre game. After my first play last night I was wondering if I had somehow fallen asleep at the keyboard and dreamt the entire thing up. Nope! Played it again this …

Re: Virtual Pool Hall Security Protection

Hello, i was having the same problems and the game managed to run when i mount a virtual cd iso image , i can pm you my exe to try it if you want. (xmm for some reason i can'r send pm's , because i don't have many posts i think :/ ) Hello, I haven't updated this thread in a long while but this is …

Re: Help with GOG MotoRacer on Pentium/Voodoo2

Good to know. Back at the time when I finally had a chance to try this patch I wasn't using the voodoo 2 anymore, but it was still very useful as the unpatched game was incompatible with Geforce cards as well. If you're using the -3dfx parameter and the game works now, make sure it wasn't trying to …

Re: Most beautiful Dos-Games for a 486...what are your favorites?

in DOS
GrumpyTomato's avatar reminded me of Uninvited. Although the Windows 3.x version has, IMHO, the best graphics, no versions of the game has scrolling at all. Just in case someone spots the resemblance, it's the bottom right image: ROFL that's hilarious. Never heard of that game before but now I want …

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