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Re: Eracer how to Open Config ?

The .exes won't open up just by double clicking them. IIRC a command line is required but I don't remeber exactly which one. After you install the game the shortcuts are created with these command lines. EDIT: I looked up on eracer folder and discovered I created a .bat with it. You'll have to run: …

Re: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - How to switch GPUs?

Have you looked into the oldest driver supported by your card? No. I really didn't want to mess with the drivers if it could be avoided. You should be able to get the game working on this type of hardware and OS. Use an older driver version and try the compatible tweaks mentioned in that PCGaming …

Re: Winevdm

This is the same crash as if it's run from the cdrom. Turns out it's intentionally dereferencing a null pointer. Try https://ci.appveyor.com/project/otya128/winevdm/builds/33075054/job/a2qcvqjib6k705sc/artifacts . Thanks! It's working 100% now. Mike Dawson's animation is a bit jerky, but I guess …

Re: Winevdm

Makes total sense conidering it's a 16-bit game. I'll try that. EDIT: I shortened the path and did a full install, now it got stuck on the black screen with a hand cursor playing a MIDI and I could hear the Windows critical stop sound right before that. Made a trace.txt from this run.

Re: Winevdm

crazyc wrote on 2020-05-19, 13:46: There's not enough information there to understand what's happening. If you can get a trace, that would be better. This is the register I got from x32dbg (I tried to run otvdmw again a few times after it crashed).

Re: Favourite 1996 games?

1996 was the golden year of PC gaming. Duke3D was by far my favorite, still is one of mine. Destruction Derby 2 and Jane's ATF were great as well. Quake was good and performed great for a polygon-based game on the available hardware at the time. Loved Monster Truck Madness and Hellbender as well. A- …

Re: Problematic Windows games list

Update on Virtual Pool Hall: Runs with CD image mounted using WinCDEmu. However, other minor issues appears: will crash on launch if the game's resolution is higher than 1280x960, so you have to edit it in regedit before running it and choose the desired resolution again. Cannot get South Park (not …

Re: Winevdm

Right now, only Battle Chess runs without sound due to the VM being run in Enhanced mode (this message is shown on start and when trying to enable sounds) This requires highly accurate 8254 emulation, this probably won't be fixed anytime soon if at all. and Darkseed II crashes upon start, just like …

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