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Annoying issue with SDL2

I've been experiencing an annoying issue with SDL2 games for quite a while. However, the affected titles are not as many as it used to be. The issue is a sound cut-0ff which occurs about 5 to 10 seconds of playing. A few SDL2 releases ago I had to set an environment variable to force SDL audiodriver …

Re: Problematic Windows games list

Interstate '82 - Game crashes when player runs into anything while on foot. The flag EmulateHeap used to work on Windows XP and probably earlier versions of Win7, but now it makes the game crash upon starting any mission. Limiting the framerate stops the game from crashing (without EmulateHeap). I …

Re: Old GOG games are slowly getting killed

MS Application Compatibility Toolkit (MS ACT) will allow you to edit the supplied fix and fiddle with different shims. It's a .sdb file included on the game's folder. ACT is included on the lastest Windows ADK (Assessment and Deployment Kit). I've been having issues with GOG games myself too, but …

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