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Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Ancient DOS Games Episode 263 - XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter is online! I wonder how far you got while playing the game. At one point you defeat the Sirians and the rest of the game you fight the Rexum Empire. I thought the game was rather easy until then. I just loaded up on missiles and …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Ancient DOS Games Filler #65 - Descent 3 is online! My memory of this game is that the controls were way too slippery. The level design wasn't nearly as interesting as the previous games. The train level was a nightmare. The combat felt messy in the new environments. And while I could still enjoy …

Re: Did you ever buy an "empty" box ???

In the 90s there was a store called Toy Land. They had a mix of new toys and ones from the previous decade like Ultraman, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, Computer Warriors, Centurions, Sectaurs, or Sky Commanders. They also had one isle for damaged packaging. I had bought an Air Raiders vehicle from …

Need a database program

in DOS
I've been given a 5 1/4" floppy. There is one file named MEMBERS.DB that is 44 kb in size. What are some programs that might have created it? Is there a modern method for viewing its contents?

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

I know the light bridges well. What you described is what I was referring to. I'm thinking more in terms of basic knowledge on how to use a mouse. Point and click are common practice. Click and drag may not have been as common but did have examples at the time. It's less a matter of no other puzzles …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

The Dig can definitely get tedious. It gives you a lot to do but so little of it leads to any progress in the story. The worst part for me was the light bridges. Click and drag for the bones was something Windows does yet back in the DOS era I can see how that would have been an advanced control …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Ancient DOS Games Filler #54 - Slime Rancher is online! Jim Sterling also sings positively about that Slime Rancher game and thats a good sign. I've had Slime Rancher from the Humble Bundle store since the Jim Sterling video. It has it's own download there in 32 and 64 bits plus includes a Steam …

Re: List of Free Games

leileilol wrote: - "TribesVengeance.zip" contains four ISO images. 2004 release. Requires a serial number to install, in which Hi-Rez has not provided After looking up a serial number CD-2 gives this me Error1305.Error reading from file SP-ColiseumTextures.pkg.

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

I'm going to guess the sequels are better than this one... Have you seen the Spoony One's reviews? I watched a handful many years ago. He's really good at what he does, he just doesn't appeal to me. *shrugs* To each his own. :B Point being there's a lot that went wrong with certain games in the …

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