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Re: Recommend me some gold old DOS games?

in Milliways
you're all incorrect Black Gold Blake Stone Aliens of Gold Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday Champions of Krynn Curse of the Azure Bonds Dark Queen of Krynn Disney's Duck Tales The Quest for Gold Epic Pinball: Pot of Gold Falcon Gold Gateway to the Savage Frontier Golden Axe Gold of the Aztecs …

Re: WIndows XP 64-Bit - Gaming Issues?

Back in the day (~06), the only real issues to XP64 gaming were these: - StarForce didn't work then of course. Bye bye my legitimately owned europe published games!!! Sure you could install a 64-bit starforce driver nowadays, but that didn't exist at all in 2006!!! - No 16-bit stuff of course, but …

Re: DOSBOX eating up CPU

By virtualizing, you introduce more variables into incompatibility as those supported modern CPUs passed through with unpredictable results with old 16-bit stuff as well as far less cycles control... and DOSBox's dynarec is fast enough to never need any use case for a virtualizer by that point since …

Re: Doom Eternal Released

DosFreak wrote on 2020-03-21, 13:46: /EDIT Okay running into alot of pain in the ass platforming. Whomever had this idea needs to be shot in the face. after ROTT '13's hype running into the terrible level design issues, that edit speaks louder than the denuvo thing

Re: Video playback on a 286? - here's how to do it

Can the 286 handle video playback? American Laser Games was banking on that back in the day. They've tuned their codec and data for 1x speed and 286s for their DOS ports. Most of the video kept being half-resolution in lots of chunks. It's noticeably visually worse than even other 1993 CD-ROM FMV …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Another thing about DC VGA captures is curiousity about the green and some obvious channel shift/bleed. I've noticed some of this on official Toy Commander screenshots from '99 which had some similar artifacts to your earlier captures! Wonder if different DC models/VGA adapters affect that...

Re: The 65MB Win98 ram limit

in Windows
MXDash wrote on 2020-03-15, 15:25: As said before. I installed nothing before or after installing windows 98. If that were true, there wouldn't be an old HIMEM to load and this thread wouldn't have existed.

Re: 8 vs 12mb Voodoo 2 performance

A SLI 8MB V2 won't compensate for the swapping penalties, it'll make it worse rather since the swapping will end up with double the PCI transfer and still effectively be a 2MB texmem card for most not-multitextured games. And yeah, back in 98 the 8mb V2 was considered an undesirable odd duck as some …

Re: AWE32 in Windows 95 DOS box vs DOS mode

I think I remember some AWE music with some games that way causing some musical chaos when it tries through Windows (i.e. Duke3D) in which using General MIDI instead was the stable option. I wonder if that also happens for your card? A DOS game that should work with the AWE32 through Windows 95 is …

Re: The 65MB Win98 ram limit

in Windows
So the thing that was causing me headaches was actually a known system bug in win98. As pointed out many times before in this thread, the problem lies in the old HIMEM.SYS loaded and has nothing to do with the alleged service packs . Win98's well known ram bug's more for >512MB and the "service …

Re: Game Suggestions.

in Milliways
Quake3 (and most derivatives) have a 848x480 resolution in its video mode list so that's also something to try, given '99 was the period of wide plasma screens.

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