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Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
The cert's got problems with certain gecko browsers and given it's a vintage-centered forum, some will be hit with this. (Searching around shows it's common with firefox and Let's Encrypt for years where granting exceptions isn't possible to bypass)

Re: i3(Haswell or similar) nettop for running old games

in Windows
A couple things to note about Intel HD: - it's got powervr-style post-dithering for 16-bit color, so that looks better here than Nvidia and AMD and a lot of older (non-powervr) cards - it's slower in DX7 but much faster in 8 and 9. (at least that's how it was for win7 intelhd drivers) Windows 10 …

Re: Web browser market share over the years.

Seamonkey can still be configured to back to Communicator 4.x layout and buttons, and there's a few themes that bring back the Seamonkey 1.x/Communicator4 graphics (Seazilla etc) so all the old Netscape familiarism can still be had . (no good Netscape1/2/3 themes that I know of however, and nothing …

Re: C&C Red Alert Screen Size/Aspect Ratio

By default it's 640x400x256@70hz, but has a 640x480x256@60hz fallback for certain Windows display drivers (laptops usually) that don't react well to a less than usual SVGA mode (despite well, technically being the same as the 320x200 double-scanned VGA mode) My OG Red Alert CRT experience from the …

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