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Re: Voodoo 1 vs. Voodoo 2 on a 486

but I believe this game can use hardware T&L. it doesn't. Every lighting and transform in Q3 is strictly software calculated. Any T&L that happens are likely more simple things coming from the OpenGL driver's end, and Q3's renderer doesn't offload any of the transform / lighting work to it. A lot …

Re: Voodoo 1 vs. Voodoo 2 on a 486

There's also the fact most of the early HWT&L requiring games use DX8 for their API backend, which is a DirectX that cannot be installed on 486s whatsoever, and still eat at the CPU anyway (hungry for that GHz) to make 4th gen PCs a non-starter. I believe feipoa already benchmarked a Geforce2MX in a …

Re: Apple is getting off Intel CPU’s ?

in Milliways
I think the whole GP2X push from a decade and a half ago has already prepared enough hobbyist developers for ARM (word-of-mouth RasPi gaming hype certainly benefited from older GP2X software), so I don't think there will be anything significantly lossy, except when it's Apple's shifting policies and …

Re: What font did PC Magazine use?

in Milliways
jheronimus wrote on 2020-06-26, 23:33: but maybe there's some online tool these days that can do that. WhatTheFont and FontSquirrel does try at least. I'm assuming this thread is referring to the old Impact-looking font

Re: Eco-warriors to the rescue!

in Milliways
As you can tell, Vogons does suffer from GSF #4 . Some can't handle the (literal) hot topics despite 2020 having probably the best Earth day ever thanks to the stay-at-home orders keeping the vehicle emissions down. and i'm sure there's also car analogies and parallels about this place vs. vintage …

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