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Aureal Vortex II AU8830 rev. A2 and B0 benchmarks

Hey folks, since I have been reading that there supposedly are performance differences between the two revisions of the Vortex II chip (AU8830 rev. A2 vs. B0), I decided to try and measure these using Quake III as a benchmark tool. Just wanted to share my findings here with everybody. Benchmark …

Strange SB16 CT2890 encounter

Hey guys, having read the excellent article about Sound Blaster revisions on Nerdly Pleasures I am always on the search for new models. This time I got a very peculiar one: IMG_20180705_180825200.jpg Notice the the lack of SPK out jack as well as the missing IDE interface. Also electronic circuitry …

Re: Which Might and Magic game should I start first?

in Milliways
First of all, great choice. :) Back in the old days I started with Might & Magic IV Clouds of Xeen. It's a great game to begin with and I don't think that it depends much on the storyline of its predecessors. Infact, MM4 and MM5 (Dark Side of Xeen) can be seen as one game (called World of Xeen), as …

Re: Star Fighter 3000

Hi all! @alienjon: I get the same problem with the game which you got, except I didn't use DOSBox, but my retro DOS machine. Here are the specs: 400 Mhz AMD K6-III 64 megs of RAM DOS 6.22 Original CD version of the game I have tried himem.sys, himem+emm386 and qemm, none of which worked. Soundcard …

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