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Re: What game are you playing now?

Honestly, I would have preferred if id Software kept going on the route they took for Doom 3. I liked Doom 2016, but Eternal didn't do it for me at all. I don't understand what's the necessity of limiting most combat to "arenas" with endless waves of enemies popping up, and all of this "combat loop …

Re: Keep GeForce 4 to cards from dying

Uhm but he said that the card(s) died after few weeks of usage, how this can be due to ESD? I mean, unless he touched them while electrostatically charged when they were running, but I guess he didn't Well not related, but I had a usb port die a few months after I plugged in a thumb drive. There …

Re: What do you drive?

robertmo wrote on 2020-06-09, 14:14: 2007 like new real bargain https://www.romansinternational.com/used-vehi … i-Veyron-U7366/ I have one of those too. I live out in the county so it is fitted with tire chains and a snow plow.

Re: virus on vogondrivers

Caluser2000 wrote on 2020-06-26, 22:04: Tetrium wrote on 2020-06-26, 10:16: What exactly is a moaner type? 😜 And wouldn't wanting to moan a lot actually be a good reason to come here and moan? 😜 You'll recognize them the instant you come in contact with them. 😀 OMG they wrecked my system but I do …

Re: What is your weirdest troubleshooting experience when dealing with retro computers/hardware?

Mine was with a system I built with an Asrock K7VT6. Sometimes it was fine other times it would blue screen before windows was loaded. Long story short, the memory I was using was not on the QVL and I had the bios memory timings set to auto. Every time it was powered on, it would set random timings …

Re: Eco-warriors to the rescue!

I think that in the case of incandescent light bulbs, we are already at the point where it is OK to ban them. There are already viable and long-lasting LED bulbs at all kinds of light spectra, so it really is hard to justify this old technology. heat lamp, sun lamp and lava lamps? Also, try using …

Re: Modern hardware prices ?

After 4 months of unemployment for lots of folks, you would expect people to be running low on cash and prices to be falling. Well I don't know where you live but I am in the U.S. and am one of those that made more on unemployment with the $600 weekly bonus than I did when working. Glad to be back …

Re: Archive.org lawsuit

dr_st wrote on 2020-06-07, 21:56: I think the concern is that if the IA is forced to pay "damages" to the publishes over the theoretical loss of sales, this could bankrupt the entire endeavor, and then everything might be forced offline, including the Wayback Machine. Yes exactly.

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