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Re: replacementdocs?

in Milliways
You do realize that game manuals are covered under copyright laws just like the games they go with, right? Blockbuster video got sued years ago by Nintendo for making copies of the game manuals when the originals would get lost or damaged and Nintendo won. A site distributing old manuals is just as …

Re: replacementdocs?

in Milliways
@DosFreak. And 5 years later you would still only have 1% of the manuals replacementdocs had! Much better that the original Replacementdocs get back online!

Re: Battlespire in XP

Another thing you need to keep in mind when you use schortcuts with dosbox is that dosbox will view the folder of the file you are running is in C:\ If you did not change the path in the config file it will say something like "could not find 0 C:\M" I changed the path to C:\ and the cdpath to C:\CD …

Re: Battlespire in XP

Did use the .cue. Made another bin/cue this time using PowerISO got the music this time. Only small problem is music volume in-game doesn't work and I need to Alt-Tab out and manually change the wave volume in the volume controls! Could be worse, so I will live with it! :) Thanks for the help anyway …

Re: Battlespire in XP

Decided to play the game again and I cannot get music in the game unless I use my original cd. I have tried copying the waves file and the movie folder, but that doesn't work. I have created a bin file and tried that and it didn't work. I can get sound effects, but no music unless I use my precious …

Re: Help with Spellcross

I may be mistaken, but I do believe there is a patch from the developers that allows the game to run in XP. I have the game and remember being able to play full screen in XP at the normal gamespeed (no slow down needed). I may be wrong though.

Re: Battlespire and DOSBox sound issue

Not sure about speech, but the music at least is supposed to be on audio tracks on the CD. Well, I mounted the cd and got the intro movie. I suppose the waves.bsa is the speech then,never had a problem with DOSBox not reading music tracks off CD before! Obviously reading the disk for other things! …

Battlespire and DOSBox sound issue

had to start a new thread as moderator closed the Battlespire problem thread, so here is a new one.... I get good framerates, the intro plays fine, all in DOSBox 0.73, I can hear the creatures when they hit each other and when they cry out out, but I get no speech when I go into dialogue and I have …

Re: Getting Battlespire to run

My only problem is I cannot get speech or music! I get all the weapon sounds and creature cries, but have never heard music in game and when I get to the conversation screen I see the words but the creatures have no speech! Should I put the waves.bsa somewhere rather than leaving them on the CD? I …

Re: Battlespire in XP

Solved my digital artefact problem by downloading the 1.9 Rad program, as the movies are SMK (Smacker) files. Thanks for the help! Hopefully this info might help others! EDIT: Now I have a game crash when I get to the scamps to start the conversation. Seems the conversation screen is a different …

Re: Battlespire in XP

Well, in the first intro movie, at the centre it's clear, but as the 'waves' move from the centre to the edge they leave different size squares behind from a couple mm to 200mm in size over the outer 1/3 of the screen. If you have Battlespire you must know that first movie. I bring it up as I have …

Re: Daggerfall

Well, just for you, code120, I tried the game with 0.72 (easy with a GUI front end!) and couldn't get the mouse to connect with the game, still had the windows cursor and the game cursor on screen. so horses for courses, 0.72 better for you, 0.73 better for me.

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