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Re: suggestion for market

in Milliways
yeah that's what sucks the one site that EVERYONE uses is vogons, you can list on other site but, you don't get the views that vogons gets. i give away old PCs and macs and hardware but, it's hard to find it all home or get in touch with everyone from all the different forums. they do NOT allow sale …

Re: Strange SimCity 2000 Mac Graphics

in Milliways
Sorry to bump an old thread but I had come across the same thing--it looks like the parachute is only in the Mac 1.2 version because it's the same sprite found in SimTown (an Easter Egg by typing "uspa87419"). So, just for fun, I typed that in as a cheat, and HOLY SMOKES it actually works. It may …

Re: pci-x speed

PCI-X is sort of like an even less successful VLB. It's long, not all that practical, has strange issues with it, and at the end of the day was replaced by a better standard that stuck firm. https://i.imgflip.com/1dxet4.jpg pci x was a staple of the server market for a long time. It came into play …

Re: Other hobbies?

in Milliways
leileilol wrote: 3d art. did i mention this already? 😖 do you frequent the Polycount forums? Malik wrote: Currently toying around with my unused satellite dish, focusing on another satellite to see some FTA (Free to Air) channels. Do you have to adjust multiple times a year?

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