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Re: Sound Card Choice for DOS Compatibility

OK, so I have a choice of the ESS Solo or the one of the two ISA sound cards I have available. The ISA cards are either a AWE64 CT4520 or a Soundblaster 16 CT1770 (would not be using the SCSI on this though). The AGP slot on the board is 66/133MHz 3.3v. What are the most modern AGP cards that would …

Re: Sound Card Choice for DOS Compatibility

No ISA slots. The motherboard is an MSI K7N2 with an Athlon XP 2800+. I think there are Windows 98 drivers for it, haven't found them yet though. The onboard sound is Realtek ALC650. I would like to play later era high end DOS games. It is an nForce2 motherboard, so guess won't work anyway. I just …

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