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Re: Interstate '76

Just a heads up, the Direct3D version has much lower quality textures than the 3dfx port. Try running the game in Direct3D then in Glide through dgVoodoo (both at 640x480 for testings sake because the D3D version is locked at that) and you'll immediately notice that the "Restricted Area" sign in the …

Re: corridor 7 CD problem

You have to have a C: drive to install things onto silly 😜. Just type "mount C C:\OldGames" for example. DOSBox will then treat that directory in Windows as it's own C: drive root. Add it to the bottom of your config file so DOSBox mounts the drive automatically when it starts.

Re: Help with Output setting

Thanks a lot Dosfreak and MiniMax :D. I'll use surface from now on because I don't use any scalers, which I think is why people were suggesting overlay because they had a scaler set. Would OpenGL act kind of like an OGL patch for a game though?. I mean, if I ran System Shock 1 in Dosbox under OpenGL …

Help with Output setting

I'm using DOSBox 0.70 on a Core 2 Duo E6600 with an ATI X1300 and 1gb RAM. Apologies if this is a newbie question, but I've read through the Guides forum, the FAQ on the Dosbox site, the readme, the small info in the .conf file AND searched extensively on both VOGONS and Google, and I still for the …

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