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Re: IS CD-ROM/HD Image booting in the work?

the built-in MSCDEX won't work anymore (obviously, since DOSBox is no longer in control of DOS interrupts There's nothing stopping you to filter how is dispatched the software interruption calls. You could always try to see if MSCDEX is loaded into ram and bypass its control using the internal …

IS CD-ROM/HD Image booting in the work?

Just wanted to know if there was somebody working on CD-ROM/HD Image booting? I wanna start hacking on DosBox. I recently tried to install Win95 and realized how much it was trouble to do. About setuping a dosbox development environnement, I haven't seen much info else than using MinGW and MSys …

Window resolution not working in 0.70

Hi, I've just seen that 0.70 have been release so I've jumped on it as a child entering a candy store. I'm actualy pretty please by this release, being more perfomant and at first more stable. The only problem I'm having is that I can get games to run at desired resolution in windowed mode. the …

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