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Wing Commander I on DOSBox Video Guide

Hey again, http://www.fourthlaw.com/gfx/articles/wingcommander/wc103.jpg Just started on a new series of video guides for Wing Commander games on DOSBox. They can be found here . Also, each guide will have exclusive screens from the upcoming Wing Commander Saga , as well as interviews with Anton …

Re: DOSBOX Game Guides

Just an update, I now have guides for all 3 games on my blog. As well, as a little Gravis Ultrasound in DOSBox guide. Check 'em out. GUS (UAKM part 2): http://www.fourthlaw.com/2007/04/06/tex-murphy-dosbox-and-the-gravis-ultrasound-16/ UAKM: http://www.fourthlaw.com/2007/04/03/tex-murphy-under-a- …

Re: DOSBOX Game Guides

Tex Murphy - Pandora Directive on DOSBox without CDs (complete pictoral guide) http://www.fourthlaw.com/2007/03/20/tex-murphy-rides-again-dosbox-wo-cds/ Please comment on the guide if you find it useful! There is also a Tex Murphy Overseer Guide there, and will soon be a guide for Under a Killing …

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