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*New* AESOP_16, AESOP_32 engine thread (Eye of Beholder 3, Dungeon Hack)

in DOS
It seems that recently a hacker was at work on Vogons. Apart from other things he probably deleted the original "AESOP_16, AESOP_32 engine thread (Eye of Beholder 3, Dungeon Hack)". I hope that moderators can recover it somehow, but if not, I will try to make a new one with all informations as in …

Re: Palm OS DosxBox,not Symbian DosBox?Why???

Well, did you have a look on Symbian programming? I had once long time ago a wild idea to start porting DOSBOX to Symbian... (I am a Java/C++ programmer, though not Symbian programmer). I ended about two hours later after realizing that Symbian does not support proper C++ standards (even such basic …

Re: DosBox - port to PalmOS?

Dosbox on PDA - only real possibility at the moment is Windows Mobile (with touchscreen). n0p's port is a bit older but good. Though even so forget very demanding games (processors in PDA's are weak and as far as I know there is no dynamic core for ARM processors yet) But back to Palm: On a …

PocketDOS 1.12.1

This seems to be a minor upgrade of the recently released version 1.12, mainly fixing some bugs and adding support for more devices (PocketPC with square screens, some custom devices). There should be also some BIOS improvements and improved support for USB keyboards. There is a (short) list of new/ …

A few thougts from a "Windows Mobile" fan

in Milliways
I have got MDA Vario (HTC Wizard - communicator based on "Windows Mobile 5") for about two months, so I thought about writing down how it is to have such a device, maybe it can help somebody decide whether it is good for him or not (I know this is *not* an objective article, I admit I like "Windows …

PocketDOS 1.12

Finally the new version on: http://www.pocketdos.com/ The date is the 1st May, but I am sure the version 1.12 was not there yesterday. NEW: Saving/Restoring "snapshots" Support for latest devices I did not have time to check it yet... Mirek

Re: DosBox SDL on Symbian S60 / N-Gage

Well, it would help significantly if somebody wrote a dynamic core for ARM... It would be quite usefull since nearly all smartphones/pdas run on ARM compatible processors... Unfortunately it does not seem anybody is doing it. DOSBOX developpers are not interested and there is lack of volunteers. :-( …

Re: DosBox SDL on Symbian S60 / N-Gage

Well, my advice is: forget N-Gage... Slow processor, too little memory, inadequate screen resolution... Additionaly Symbian (which would probably mean a lot of work to adapt it anyway...). Some months ago when I was thinking about what kind of new phone I should get, I spent a lot of time by looking …

Re: This looks interresting

Yes, nice thing. Some time ago I even tried to run DOSBOX in DOSBOX using HX DOS and it worked (see my post inMilliways thread Bored? Try running Qemu inside of DosBox using HX Dos Extender and HXGui). 😀 Mirek

Re: bug report (?) win3.x and latest cvs

P.S.: What is SMC? Self modifying code ... 2007-01-18 15:57 c2woody * include/pic.h, src/cpu/core_dyn_x86.cpp, src/cpu/core_dyn_x86/cache.h, src/cpu/core_dyn_x86/decoder.h, src/cpu/core_dyn_x86/risc_x86.h, src/hardware/pic.cpp: avoid code invalidation on certain types of self modification and …

Re: DOS & modern graphic cards

in DOS
This is rather confusing question in itself. The answer is no. Anyway state what you precisely mean... If it is a version of FreeDOS with included Glide wrapper then nothing like that exists (at least I do not know about a DOS based Glide wrapper - all need Windows). Mirek

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