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Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

Heh, maybe, but it sounds somewhat different (and much louder) from when I actually actively use the degauss button, hence my question... AND, my other monitors does NOT do that (or ANY crt monitor I've ever encountered), power-on degauss I mean... which makes it hard to compare. So, it'd be just …

Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

Latest additions to my collection :lol: 22" ViewSonic P227f 17" Sony G200 https://i.imgur.com/OuoOzdG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/OuoOzdGl.jpg Just wondering, does your ViewSonic give out a loud 'bang' every time it is turned on ? Mine does, and have done that since I bought it brand new in box... Not …

Re: Ark Logic PCI, an interesting VGA card.

heh, yes, the one I found had this weird tiny DAC from AT&T placed into a square apparantly made for a larger DAC.... No idea if it is a 2000 or 1000 though, the ARK chip itself is covered with a huge sticker of the card maker on the sellers pictures. Perhaps I should avoid this one then.

Re: Collecting rants

Now, HERE's the card you all secretly want ! 😆 https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-RARE-Geforce-Fx-5800-Ultra-AGP-GPU-Video-Card-Great-Condition-TESTED/292675932134 ..and if that leaves a bad taste in your wallet... (and if you can wait a couple of months for it to pass customs) - This thing should be …

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