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Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
I would assume those requirements are included because of the DVD part, burning and playing movies etc in particular. So perhaps just reading a simple CD would be just fine even on a 386 or 486 ? Not sure about burning a CD though, but... But then again, you have had bad experiences with a DVD drive …

Re: Collecting rants

About those Aureal Vortex sound cards (AU8820/AU8830), Diamond MX300 etc - what on earth did happen here lately !? Seems like I missed a few steps, and they are now selling for $100 ++ ?? 🤣 Last time I checked they were in the $10-20 region... granted, that is a few years ago, but not THAT long ? …

Re: Collecting rants

On the listings I make where I have multiples of the same item, I will make separate listings, one with the GSP and one with standard int'l shipping. Almost everybody picks the GSP option when shipping overseas. I don't add any handling charges so whatever the shipping comes out to is the real …

Re: Collecting rants

Had a rather similar experience when the ebay GSP programme at Erlanger(KY) sliced open my package(presumably to check the contents?), and cut deep into the collectable large game box as well... Not so much transport damage per se though, but still. We both (incl seller) got refunds from them when I …

Re: Remote Desktop into Windows 9x Systems?

in Milliways
I am having a vague memory of using Citrix from a Win98 machine, but I may be mistaken about the OS'es involved on the remote one... regardless, it was pre WinXP I believe. Was definitively Citrix though, back in 2001 or so... At least the client side was free(I just downloaded the program), not …

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