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Re: FastDoom 0.3. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

Does FastDoom use chunky or mode X? Just because rendering in the main memory then copying it to the frame buffer by dwords can be significantly faster, especially when a fast CPU meets a slow VGA (like in my 1996/97 system where the AMD 5x86 was seriously held back by a dog slow Tseng ET3000 😁)

Re: DOS pc advice

I have 512MiB in my DOS-oriented (read: very late compo machine, with GUS 3.74, thankfully working in this MSI 694T Pro) Tualatin P3 rig. It has a single 512MiB module and could probably take said 2GiB in double stacked 1G sticks but even this amount is an overkill. I don't really know about …

Re: Intel vs AMD?

gladders wrote: What types of things would I lose out on if I deviate from that chipset? My experience with early Athlon chipsets that they're weak at video access under DOS. My experimental build could run Win98 games like a champ, it performed well, but under DOS games/demos it lagged behind a BX …

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