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Re: GPUs that auto-resize to the correct Aspect Ratio on DOS (4:3 on a 16:9 monitor, DVI output)

On a funny side note - 256-byte intros (which run, in most cases, at 320x200) usually just don't have the space to deal with non-square pixels and despite being "classic" DOS programs they look best on a 16:10 display that has no idea that 320x200 should be a 4:3 resolution. But they're the …

Re: Cirrus Logic CL-5446

Though Riva128 is supported by UniVBE to get those 15-bit modes. And it has superb DOS performance. And when it's not about 15-bit, it supports a great pile of crazy low res VESA modes like 400x300. The main difference between this and Voodoo3 is that its truecolor modes are 32-bit while Voodoo …

Re: Celeron 300A

A few years ago I decided to get an overclocked 300A as it was super popular in its days and said to be easily and surely overclocked. So I wanted one that does the trick at stock voltage and run at 450MHz stably at default 2V. I don't know the reason but I have had quite bad success rate, like one …

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