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Re: Audigy 2 zs problem on windows 98se

Audigy2/2zs is perfect for Windows 98. And it just works on any Slot 1 or s370 motherboard. No need to search for some specific drivers on the web. Just use VXD drivers from CD which came with the soundcard (using provided Creative utility ctzap or whatever it's called). Check that there are no IRQ …

Re: Reah: Face the Unknown and surround sound.

in Windows
Qsound is not an API, it's more like an audio engine, I believe. It does not automatically mean 5 discrete audio channels (more often it does not mean that at all: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QSound ) If the game does support discrete surround channels then it'll do it through either OpenAL or …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
I don't support criticizing work done by people in their spare time and not getting compensated for it. ...hence I'll just quietly cry in the corner mourning the old design and usability. (OMG, at least where's the button for smileys?!)

Re: Frederik Pohl's Gateway and SOFTMPU = MT32 screen messages only

in SoftMPU
Hello, bjt! I do really appreciate your software. That's exactly what I did - I switched everything to CT2940's address, i.e. MPU, IRQ and SB port and it worked like a charm. It seems I did not completely understand how your utility works. Before that I simply launched it with Yamaha's MPU address …

Frederik Pohl's Gateway and SOFTMPU = MT32 screen messages only

in SoftMPU
Could someone please help me with getting Frederik Pohl's Gateway to run together with SOFTMPU? I've got two ISA cards - Soundblaster 16 CT2940 and Yamaha YMF based one that I'm using only for its bugfree MPU interface. Right now I'm trying to get MT32 music from the game. I'm booting into pure dos. …

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