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Re: Serious Sam BFE

in Windows
I was surprised to find that the Serious Sam Collectection wasn't released on PC (I have it on the XBox 360). It's not a great collection, as it has the PC version of the first game (both encounters), instead of the version for the original XBox (the XBox version is one of the very rare times when a …

Re: Your oldest favorite computer game?

in Milliways
My favourite oldest video game is the classic arcade game Md Do!, from 1980. Still my favourite arcade game. https://static.retrogames.cc/previews/mrdo.png For some reason, Mr Do! was one of the few arcade games that never received a decent port (official or ripoff) on the ZX Spectrum. But …

Re: Lost games

in Milliways
The reviews were terrible. It's the only id game I've never played. According to Metacritic, the PC version averages 74 percent for critic reviews, and 7.3 out of 10 for player reviews, which hardly spells 'terrible' to me. Those might be worse reviews than the other popular Wolfenstein games, such …

Re: Lost games

in Milliways
If you can get Wolfenstein 2009 from anywhere, then you should, as it's a great game, and my favourite of all the Wolfenstein games.


in Milliways
[Sorry, this post turned out to be much longer than I expected (I'm at work, and bored). It's a " My favourite space-ship is the [your answer], what is yours ? " type post, please feel free to skip my fan-warblings about why I choose the TARDIS, and go straight to posting your own favourite and the …

Re: Dosbox 0.75?

Where can I download the faster version of DOSBox, please? There was a talk about significantly faster new SVN x64 builds. Maybe some place hosts x64 builds of recent SVN. Emucr does not, for example, despite 64-bit Windows is common today. Since the 64 bit versions are presumably not too common at …

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