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Re: Request for custom dos Cheat codes

in DOS
Have you already checked to see if these games have built-in cheats? I'm sure they're documented online somewhere. In thirty seconds I found for Thexder: http://sierrachest.com/index.php?a=games&id=4 … xder&fld=cheats I think that's for a different game: Thexder for Windows 95.

Re: Preistorik 2 demo

Nice find, indeed. The overview map looks different, the font on the Enter code looks different. There's no audio. Pressing left ctrl + left alt + w already shows a hidden credit screen. It looks like they where also planning an EGA version.

Re: Game Versions

in DOS
For Apogee games there used to be the Apogee Software Game Information Vault.

Re: Best CGA & Hercules games

OldCat wrote: Arctic Adventure works via emulation, but man is that one hard! Monuments of Mars and Pharaoh's Tomb (and Pharaoh's Pursuit) are similar to Arctic Adventure, but I like Monuments of Mars the most, because it's easier because you have unlimited lives.

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