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Re: doom wads

Thank you. I tried your advice with doom shareware version 0.99 because it was still not working with doom 1 version 1.9 and freedoom. I'm trying to boot up the wads from the alpha versions onto doom release version just to see how well it would work and I got a weird text message for the first …

Re: wolf3d for mac

http://wolf3d.darkbb.com/addons-mods-etc-f4/mac-enstein-second-encounter-sdl-pics-download-t850.htm - This'll work in Windows; it's a port of the Mac's "Wolfenstein 3D: Second Encounter" to the Windows-based SDL Wolfenstein port. If your OSX system has VMWare, Virtualbox, Parallels or similar, this …

Re: I've got some cards for sale

The list of cards has been updated with more cards Dad found and wanted to get rid of. Of particular note are the two ATI video cards, the CH Gamecard, and the Matrox Millenium for those of you wanting to run triple-monitor setups.

Re: I've got some cards for sale

temptingthelure wrote: Hey, im interested in the agp 32mb video card and the sound blaster awe64 sound card if they are still available. How much for them? How about $35 for the video card, $20 for the AWE64? Shipping will probably work out to about $10.

I've got some cards for sale

My dad's been collecting computer hardware over the years from a ton of computer upgrades (from the early 90's to present day), and he and I both decided it's time to let go and sell these cards off to people who will probably get better use out of them. VIDEO CARDS Diamond Stealth Video 2500 - PCI, …

Re: Gamecube ISOs?

Supposedly this requires Nintendo's Broadband Adapter and some way to get the Gamecube to network with a computer (I think it involves a copy of Phantasy Star Online but I can't remember how). I've never actually dabbled in this sort of thing, so I would be of no help to you. All I can tell you is …

Re: Ultima Series for DOSBox

What Freddo said above is pretty much the indisputable truth: literally every Ultima game can be run from DOSBox, as long as it's actually a DOS game. The only ones that do not fall under this category are Ascension and the Online series. I've managed to get every one of the Ultima games running in …

Re: 2 questions

You could try; I'm not sure if activation keys are exchangeable between 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista...just don't try using your mom's activation key, unless you want a DRM headache.

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