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Re: Matrox Millennium II 16MB - exists? If so, why?

I tested my 8MB MGA II under Windows NT4 and XP, installed the latest Matrox drivers but I'm unable to select videomode 1600x1200/24bpp. Only 1600x1200/16bpp or 1280x1024/24bpp are available. When I display all available modes I cannot see desired mode in the list - why? The WRAM size of 8MB is …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

Hi, i've got a laptop with 754. In Audio Mixer i've got a 3D Wide regulator. What is it and why it is turned off by default? It's some king of DSP effect that should try to enhance stereo effect but I would call it rather sound crippling so it's better to have it disabled, at least for listnening …

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