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Re: Keyboard Restrictions

I don't think MAME emulates DOS yet so I guess that in mame you ran the arcade version. In dosbox you've probably run the DOS version...so they are different games. Anyway the problem may be in dosbox or in the game. I don't know. Just wanted to point out that you're running different games in MAME …

Re: Saitek P2900

If it works in your host os (windows, linux) it should work on dosbox. I have a usb gamepad and with the default dosbox config is ok. I don't know, try changing settings like cycles, cpu core and such and try with other games And search the forum 😀

Re: DOSBOX to be in new Sierra Collection releases?

Should we be expecting bug fixes too, or have the games simply been repackaged with DOSBox? Well, I don't think they're bothering to fix bugs in games that old. Whatever they do, I think it's great they're including dosbox as part of a commercial product. It should make Qbix , Harekiet and all the …

Re: Game controllers

FYI: I've got a similar setup to yours (a PS2 gamepad through a USB adapter) and it works perfectly. They usually emulate standard usb joysticks so you shouldn't even need drivers

Re: Virtual printer

William, does that program support redirecting the printing to a file? If it does, you could try to print using the postscript color driver and print the ps file in windows. (Question to dos experts: is it possible to redirect printing to a file in DOS so that every program will print to a file?)

Re: GP2x and DosBox

Well if people are complaining about commander keen 4 then it's clear it's not too powerful. IIRC keen worked fine on a 286. It runs fine for me at just 3k cycles. (First, and not useful, post in a long time 😀)

Re: Virtual printer

Hey Mot, there's a method to print out of wp51 without needing this dosbox patch. Select a PostScript printer and search for an option to print to a file(I don't remember where exactly, sorry). Print your document. As instructed, wp will print to a file. Now you have a postscript file that you can …

Re: TV Sports Boxing

G What I cannot understand is why Cinemaware is giving it away for free with KEYDISK PROTECTION included (more a nuissance than anything). Well I guess they just didn't bother to remove the protection. They would've needed someone to look into the sources and that costs money :). Anyway I don't …

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