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Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

Not regressive,but possible do something with terrible stuttering in NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (2002)? Сamera (image) twitches every second or half a second. In Borderlands (2009) some light blue artifacts on full screen. It's Depth of Field enabled that causes the blueish screen in Borderlands, but I've …

Re: 2 GPUs. Will dgvoodoo2 use both?

Hello, Is it possible that dgvoodoo2 will take advantage of 2 GPU's and use them on same game? For example, if I have (2) RTX 3080 Ti. Given the description to "use / enable" and "all of them" being an option, it seems obvious that it would, but also a little too good to be true. Seeing how these …

Re: Convert bump mapping to displacement mapping?

Well, it could only be done with fixed function vertex/pixel pipeline with untransformed vertices. So, basically DX7 and earlier because from DX8 onwards, the majority of games I've come across have been shader based. And the majority of DX7 and earlier ones do their own vertex transformation. So, …

Re: dgVodooo on non-Windows platforms

@Dege Good afternoon, I'm really sorry that I'm straying from the topic, I couldn't find another way to contact you. I am a developer of the portproton application for Linux, recently added an application to flatpak and thought about how to make the application more versatile and user-friendly. One …

Re: dgVoodoo crash with Rog Ally

Yes, I updated the dump-package on my site with a single threaded build. If you cannot create a dmp file then for a plain log (with dx12 dbg layer enabled) you can also use the regular 2.82.5_dbg version, but then plz set the cpu affinity to single core manually.

Re: dgVodooo 2.8.x and related WIP versions

I release a new version with the latest fixes and also updated WIP95: ========================= 2.82.5 / WIP95.2 ========================= Fixing a bug in the ps.3.0 shader code translator (FFXIII crash) Fixing a bug in the D3D12 backend related to compressed textures (FFXIII Lightning Returns crash …

Re: dgVoodoo crash with Rog Ally

Btw, don't forget to disable the dx12 debug layer or remove the path for the game in dxcpl, or else it'll cause performance drop. And to delete the LocalDumps in registry, if you don't want garbage dump files generated each time something crashes.

Re: dgVoodoo crash with Rog Ally

Then I think the problem is that you reached the dump-limit. There is the DumpCount key in the reg folder, set to 16 which means that you can have 16 dump files as a maximum (to avoid accumulating garbage on your drive). Just delete the dmp files in the CrashDumps folder to make room for new ones.

Re: dgVoodoo crash with Rog Ally

Didn't you delete the LocalDumps key in the registry? I tried what I proposed with an app and it worked for me. The Add/Remove box is not important, it can be empty. I just added some extra messages for myself previously that's why they are there. The point is to have the 3 checkboxes checked on the …

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