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Re: dgVoodoo 2.6.x and related WIP versions

ATM, verified infected: 261, dead: 10 but the government says the real number of infected people must be much larger and we are heading to the mass infection. Anyway, home office where possible, education is arranged through the internet, etc., so I'm working at home now too. Please, DON'T DIE :p …

Re: Scaling problems with dgVoodoo 2

The recommended ways for keeping the AR is the following: - Set it through the GPU control panel (with unspecified scaling mode set in dgVoodoo cfg) - Setting 'Stretched, Keep aspect ratio' in dgVoodoo config The latter one is not guaranteed to work, especially because of the mouse emulation it …

Re: Scarface graphics issue

Strange, it works fine here. Could you check it plz with the MS WARP output? It'll be slow but the point with that is to check if the rendering is as expected. My tip is, you have and AMD card, on which dgVoodoo reportedly works improperly. Solid colors instead of textures and such. 🙁

Re: dgVoodoo and EAC

I'm not familiar with digital signing but as far as I know, it requires registering at a certifiate authority (?), not for free (?). Anyway, it'd be nice to digitally sign dgVoodoo releases.

Re: Google Safe browsing Advisory

... What makes your program special that it triggers all these false positives time after time again? It's not special at all. This is a common problem that affects many small developers. E.g: http://blog.nirsoft.net/2009/05/17/antivirus-companies-cause-a-big-headache-to-small-developers/ https:// …

Re: Controlling the filtering of 2D GUI elements

The problem is that dgVoodoo cannot tell the difference between 2D/3D elements. Both of them are just drawn as polygons thorugh the 3D hw in most cases. If it's drawn through 2D hw or by direct cpu access then it's not affected by the texture filtering. Too bad. But since we are at it, how does GUI …

Re: Google Safe browsing Advisory

I don't like it. Actually, I switched to Edge when the early betas came out. Firefox, as an other (common) alternative, also seems to be a great browser, but unfortunately it relies on Google Safe Browsing API too, that's why I said that it's no-go for me. But it's just my preference, nothing more ( …

Re: Google Safe browsing Advisory

I found a "nice" (or, let's just say: retard) analysis of dgVoodooCpl: https://hybrid-analysis.com/sample/b8d28c0d5a37789ce9610fd96a1062a19ce28002d612dec9b425728ccbac2c50?environmentId=100 Beware!!! dgVoodooCpl is very very dangerous, it's threat rate is 91/100. Let just see some of the gems ( …

Re: Technomage problem

Download ProcessHacker, install TrustedInstaller plugin and then launch regedit from Process Hacker with trusted installer privileges: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=569126#p569126 Then search for all occurrences of 'ddraw.dll' under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\ and change its path from % …

Re: Google Safe browsing Advisory

I'm aware of it, altough I don't 'experience' it myself because I ditched Chrome long ago. Firefox == Chrome == Google Sh*t Browsing API (so Firefox is also a no-go for me) Google uses the same set of AV's like VirusTotal, or it relies on VirusTotal itself directly, I don't know but this set of AV's …

Re: Midnight Outlaw Six Hours To Sun Up

Play this game with any virtual videocard other than the default internal and it renders fine. The reason is that if all types of vertex elements are reported as supported (like with the internal card) then the game drives D3D9 improperly for some reason.

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