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Re: Amstrad Mega PC

phipscube wrote on 2021-10-25, 08:01: That's interesting... My Everdrive X5 doesn't work either (just blank screen).. 😮 that is very unexpected I ordered a X7 some time ago and it's been stuck in customs, I will update if that works or not but the X5 is super weird it does not work!

Re: Amstrad Mega PC

Just a heads up for anyone else considering getting either the Mega EverDrive PRO or the MegaSD flashcarts for Mega-CD support: I got a mega everdrive PRO and although it works fine on my normal megadrive 1 console on mega-pc it it very problematic - normal cartridge games have gfx glitches like …

Re: Show us your custom Physical mt32-pi Builds

I finally got the manufactured version of my new 10-button front face PCB, so I've documented everything and merged the "10but" branch to main : ms32.jpg I used to have access to a nice clone i3 3D printer, but all of these prints have been on my personal Ender 3, with black PLA that seems to …

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