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Re: Crystal Audio Chips.. any fans?

4231 has no internal FM at all - maybe the info assumes an external FM chip (so as to have a cs4231+fm "full" WSS compatible card) AFAIK internal FM started with the broken implementation in the CS4235 chip, it was fixed in CS4236 and carried over to CS4237 and CS4238 - beyond these I have no …

Re: PC MIDI Card with Dreamblaster X2

nice to see this got figured out :) the X2 is indeed very capable and the good thing is that the soundbanks are updateable - there is always work done on them , slow but steady! the download section of the X2 has some more tools and even a high quality piano bank: http://serdaco.com/downloads/X2/? …

Re: PC MIDI Card with Dreamblaster X2

Hey Tom! glad you enjoy the cards :) I have no experience with the software you mention but I can tell you about the OUT ports :) PCMIDI is a 16-channel interface so everything is accessed from port330 in your case hardware-wise the midi-out signal gets multiplied and sent to: a. wavetable header b. …

Re: Amstrad Mega PC

there are 2 solutions on fixing the BIOS hdd limit: - drive overlay like OnTrack Disk Manager - XT-IDE bios loaded from a NIC or dedicated rom card I use a 8GB CF with my megapc and Disk Manager, works perfectly but deducts some ~6kb from the conventional memory pool

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