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Re: awe64 and opl3 ymf262 ic

well on github there is all the ingo you need if you build it you use UNISOUND to initialize the AWE64 and select an irrelevant address for the CQM - leaving $388 for the extra opl3 you will build that's how AWE64 Legacy does things AFAIK

Re: awe64 and opl3 ymf262 ic

the CT4520 cannot support a yamaha opl3 - the AWE64 LEGACY is designed from the ground up to include all it's extra features you can add an opl3 with wires etc but in the end you would end up building an equivalent to an adlib wired to an existing pcb just get an adlib clone and use it alongside the …

Re: Roland MT-32 CM-32L upgrades?

This mod essentially turns a suitable mt32 to a cm32l , I doubt there are compatibility issues different from a real cm32l it is nice to get the extra sfx and screen if you have a new-version mt32 , can't see any drawbacks to it (except the modification work needed)

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