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Re: HardMPU, anyone?

^ since you have a PII and 99,9% the board uses ACPI for power management try to go in BIOS and see if you can disable ACPI or chose to use APM. ACPI is hard-wired to IRQ9 so it does stuff all the time and could mess with your MPU or any other card that wants to use IRQ9

Re: HardMPU with Roland MT-32 and P2-266

I'm afraid all those issues you are experiencing is because your system is too fast. Keep in mind all those MT-32 games are late 80s and early 90s ones - where a P2 is way overkill. It is not the hardware that fails but the game drivers crap out because of speed. One other thing to consider is if …

Re: Newly made ISA CL-GD5434

I am waiting for this to happen - 4mb is certainly not worth it , maybe keep it 2mb and sockets to upgrade to 4? higher resolutions and depth don't like iSA much but maybe some ISA 486DX2 could use them

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