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Re: BulkyMidid-32 / MT32-pi build questions

My favorite variant of the mt32 pi is the wavetable version using pi zero w 2 https://github.com/scrapcomputing/WavetablePi They are cheap to build and easy to install. I have one paired with a picogus and and another on a Phil and chill adapter connected to awe64 gold with softmpu. I also built a …

Re: Packard Bell C115 sound

I think most avoid the sound card / modem combo. I think those boards try to save cost merging them and thus choose cheap sound chips. Personally I really like a diamond als007 I have. It has sb16 compatibility, ymf262, and wavetable Any ESS card is usually good I don’t really like opti’s fm I have …

Re: Which SB16 should I use?

Guys, does Unisound have the driver for a daughterboard connected to the wavetable header of my Yamaha/Labway card? No additional driver needed for the opl3SAx card, unisound is all you need. See what resource the mpu401 gets, it is usually 330. In games you can select General Midi and this address …

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