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Re: Conquest of the New World

in Windows
Well, thanks for all of the help, and the links to the other threads, they helped to clarify the problem for me. His resolution doesn't go below 800x600, and he says its not worth the investment. It would appear that he will have to do without.

Conquest of the New World

in Windows
My roommate is trying to run one of his very old games on his brand new Dell Latitude D800 laptop. I have tried to help him, but it is beyond my limited experience. Thanks for the help. Motherboard: Not sure Processor type and speed: Intel Pentium M 1.6 MHz Amount and type of RAM: 512 Mb DDR Video …

more mom/moo problems

in DOS
Sorry to bother you all, but I'm trying to use abandonloader ( http://abandonloader.gamport.net/ ) to run mom and moo on a not too new (~2 year old) system that is running on NTv4.00.1381 (so i couldn't use the batch file). I'm getting the following error when I try to run abandonloader: "The …

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