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Question about the CT1350B's Yamaha DAC.

I have a SB2, and its one that has the Creative labels on it, to hide the two Yamaha chips. The OPL2 chip is hidden by the FM1312 label, and the other tiny chip is hidden underneath a label that reads FM1314. This is the DAC, and I wonder if someone could please tell me a little bit about it? For …

Creative AWE64 soundfonts recommendation

I would like to test out a RAM module for a Creative AWE64 card, and would be interested in getting some soundfont recommendations please. I am using a RAM adapter, with 1 stick of 32MB in it, and so I have 28MB that I can use. I would be interested in loading up some big soundfonts, to test this …

Some questions about the CT1350B

1. Is the CT1350B, the SB2, a mono only card? 2. If you upgrade the card, with the CMS chips, is it still a mono card? (Because I thought the Game Blaster had stereo output.) 3. The PCB says CT1350B, but all the cards I have seen also have a sticker on the reverse that says CT1350A. Why is this? …

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