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Re: Where do I start?

Also, am I correct in thinking that a modern case, fans and power supply will work with all this? Yep. OS independent. Worst trouble you might have is if that AGP card needs an external connector (like floppy) that your power supply doesn't provide. But you can grab an adapter if so. Also I've …

Re: The VOGONS Experience

Ah, but I'm so bad at soldering I haven't been able to break anything. And I only ever had one source for computer junk. Today, I actually have no idea where to get it. Probably nowhere. The stuff that gets thrown out today is probably newer than the system I'm typing this on now! Maybe a good thing …

Re: Collecting rants

As a daily eBay wanderer, atleast on the Ebay.ca side, I see hot listings for 486/Pentium machines and motherboard bundles go up in views all the time, and usually sell out pretty fast. Meanwhile listings for other motherboard/system combos like early 386/ 286/ anything before just sit. Litterly. …

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