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Re: Unable to delete .fon file, Windows 3.1 emulation

in DOSBox General
There was a small utility called wholockme (there will be others, too) that told you which process was locking a given file. So find out that process, kill it, delete your file and reboot. Also, you can restart windows on safe mode / repair mode (so most services and processes are not running) and …

Re: Favorite win3.1 software?

Indiana Jones ran under Windows 3.x, but I think Yoda Stories required Win9x. I thought it was a Windows 3.1 game, but I've tested and won't run (error 21). So it seems that my memories are hazy... On the other side, I've remembered that Microsoft published a bunch of diskettes with games like " …

Re: turbo button speed

when i push the turbo button - it goes from 66 to 08 - that doesn't seem right to me Where did you saw that? Just remember that (most) speed displays on cases can display whatever you want as long as you can put on 7 segment displays (i.e.: 66/33, HI/LO, those things) and does NOT show anything …

Re: Going "unsynced"... what monitor (and other doubts)?

in Milliways
I've been looking some monitors available in my country, and these three are the strongest contenders... - AOC Gaming 24G2U. I've seen a review where it was connected to an nVidia cards (so I know it will work fine), it has a USB 3.0 hub, can be adjusted in height and (depending on countries) it …

Going "unsynced"... what monitor (and other doubts)?

in Milliways
So I'm thinking about buying a new monitor, and I wanted to check one of those freesync/gsync things. The problem is that (because of COVID and other factors) it is difficult to see a variety of monitors working (so I can see how good/bad image shows). My doubts: - I've got a nVidia 1050 Ti that I'm …

Re: Why are telephone cables still not shielded?

in Milliways
Shielding is useless unless both terminals use shielded connectors. I mean that both connectors need to have a connection for the shield AND that connection must be grounded. I doubt that most phone equipment have those connectors, and I highly doubt that any phone company would shield cables all …

Re: Interesting Steam releases of games?

in Milliways
Future Proof is a cheap RPG maker game, that may or may not like you. This game is interesting because it has lots of hand drawn fonts included (path ...\steamapps\common\Future Proof\www\fonts) that may be used directly on windows (ttf/otf/woff files). Just remember that the fonts were licenced to …

Re: Game keys for free

in Milliways
FioraSlayer wrote on 2020-08-20, 04:49: Is Dead by Daylight spark of Madness still available? Yes, I've still got it. Do you want only this DLC or do you need other ones (remember you must have the base game on steam to play it)?

Re: Super Duper printers

in Milliways
You can’t go wrong with HP Laser printers. I have always bought them. They just work as intended and they have good software support. Did HP buy Samsung printer division ? I must say that I've been looking for an HP all in one replacement and it seems that I must stay with HP, but I'm not very …

Re: List of Free Games

in Milliways
Do i need win10 or can i copy and run those games on my retro K6 System? You can use them almost directly, but remember to change the sound card settings. Jazz Jackrabbit (GoG) : Copy the Jazz Jackrabbit folder without subfolders (use a 8.3 folder name, please). You can use it without changes. More …

Re: Light guns and console emus

Most light guns of the era only works with standard CRT TVs. That means, CRTs working at 50/60 Hz. LCD/TFT won't work (because there is no "beam" to detect, and higher frequency TVs (like those 100Hz TVs) will fail because the beam will be detected at a different time. So, although hooking a gun to …

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