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Re: Playing GOG games on real Retro DOS PC

in DOS
I know that GOG is holding 99% of the Single CD games on a file called game.gog which is a normal iso but only renamed. I tried to rename the file and burn to CDR but only a very few are readable with DOS. Most are not. What do I wrong? Those gog files are (mostly) not ISOs, and usually are not …

Re: Arabic theme games?

in Windows
Have there ever been games based on the Sinbad stories? Have you tried to look for some common terms like "genie", "sinb", "baba", "thiev", "pers", "east" or "arab" on old software sites (like world of spectrum, home of the underdogs... depending on which system do you want to play)? Sinbad from …

Re: Arabic theme games?

in Windows
Everything on Middle East: - On ZX Spectrum: Manic Muslim, El Misterio del Nilo, Tuareg... - PC: Desert Strike, every Shantae game (sort of arabic themes), Aladdin, Serious Sam, Anomaly Warzone Earth... With arabic levels: - Metal Slug, some Splinter Cell games, some Ace Combat games, Duke Nukem …

Re: What's the "signature thing" to do after installing an OS?

in Milliways
I almost forgot... - On every system installed: forget about windows explorer and install Total Commander. - On most systems: install an old version of PDF Creator (1.73 or so). - On Windows 7 or more recent systems: remove XPS printer, check the "optional features" installed (I'm spaniard, I don't …

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