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Building Daum on Linux (Ubuntu)

Hi, I've been unable to compile SVN Daum on Ubuntu. I've been in contact with Taewoong Yoo but I'm not getting anywhere. I've run sed -i "s/\r//g" against acinclude.m4 and configure.ac as he suggested adn it's still failing. I believe the failure is on "Sound_GetDuration". Google hasn't found …

Dial-up to ethernet?

I'm running DOSBox on a new system without a modem, I don't plan on getting one either. I'm just wondering if there's a way to fool DOSBox into thinking it's dialing in to access the Internet.

Re: What's this game?

Thanks for the replies, the game is very similar to Rescue Rover only you don't move a character, you move mirrors around by clicking them and then fire off the laser.

What's this game?

I first played this game on a Expert Software 250 Games for Windows CD my dad bought at a yard sale for me. You're in a stationary tank that shoots a laser at a target. The catch is you have to move mirrors around so the laser reaches it. It's oddly entertaining. I've since forgotten the title! :| …

King's Quest VI - Display Issue

I have the display output set to ddraw using version 0.72. What happens is every scene change, the entire screen is black and it only displays whenever Prince Alexander moves onto scene or if I bring down the menu. Now, the only way to fix it is to minimize the game and bring it back up again. So …

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