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Re: Roland SC-D70 on Windows 10 x64 issue

Sorry I made some mistake when I was testing. Now I have confirmed that SC-D70 WAVE-IN (REC Source -> INST+WAVE) has glitch/error sound, both in Windows Vista & Windows 10. On the rear panel, the Line-Out is correct, but thrungh SC-D70 USB audio-in, I will get glitch MIDI sound in Windows. Maybe I …

Roland SC-D70 on Windows 10 x64 issue

I have connected Roland SC-D70 to my Windows 10 x64, using Roland Vista x64 driver. MIDI function is working perfectly, but sound/wave function are almost noise. I run a virtual machine Windows Vista on my Win10 x64, and connected to the same SC-D70, using the same driver, sound/wave are working …

Capture in Vista 64bit problem

I use DOSBox 0.72 in Vista 64bit, everything is fine. But I got a problem when I am using capture (ctrl-alt-f5). I use some midi player in DOSBox and output MIDI signal to my external MIDI device (Roland MT-32), works very well. Then I connected my Roland MT-32 and my Creative X-Fi soundcard, I can …

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