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Re: RB3D works 99%

Thats what version my ini is. I got the .dll at the same time so It should be the latest AMD Tbird 1.2 256 ddr ram Geforce 4 Ti 4600 Version 29.42 Det drivers Windows 98 Se Hmm anything else??

Re: RB3D works 99%

Understood. Who is the author of the glide2x.dll? Could this person help us? Tab will start the engine and I believe you can fly around using the arrow keys. I use a joystick. A couple of posts above this is a link with a pdf of the key commands.

Re: RB3D works 99%

Hey, Thor, be sure to mention this forum to them! Make an announcement, create some noise, bla bla bla. You know. Step 1: Do Publicity Step 2: Get Others to Do Publicity Step 3: ... Step 4: Profit! :D Oh, and Paul, your download will majickally corrupt itself. Sorry about that. ;) I know of three …

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