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Re: Logging into Gmail with old mail clients

I gave up on NT 3.51 since it can’t run on DosBox and iDOS 2. Almost thought about going to W95, but I was never a fan of this GUI. I guess that I will really have to set up my rPI3 to run some scripts in the middle. IIRC, you can switch Windows 95 to use the old Win3.x GUI... not the same thing, …

Re: Logging into Gmail with old mail clients

It looks like Retrozilla TLS 1.2 is crashes on start for some reason so will need to ask roytam1 about that. Retrozilla 2.1 works fine https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=12102&p=728682#p728682 can't reproduce on both CHT and ENG versions of NT 3.51 here. you need to post Dr.Watson crash …

Re: Long File Name (LFN) support

Updated for DOSBox SVN 4006. Also added the APM power down feature to shut down DOSBox SVN-lfn and (for Windows) DOS APIs that communicate with the Windows clipboard directly (e.g. 4DOS's clipboard feature via the CLIP: device name will work). The source code changes have been attached. This(170905 …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

SarahWalker wrote: Shouldn't be. What issues are you seeing? no display, gray window for a long while. it eventually works, but I have to wait on every boot. screenshot took at some seconds after clicking "Hard reset":

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