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Re: Can't get joystick to work

That works (except for the swap34 set on false for me)! The only problem is that rudder assumes a neutral position only with the stick fully twisted right... BTW, I don't have the sound problem you had... everything was in the right place...

Re: Can't get joystick to work

I tried what you said, and results varied a lot between games. Harrier Jump Jet works like a charm. I just have the cursor drifting if I don't move the mouse or the joystick for a long time, but overall it works fine. F-15 Strike Eagle II has minor control issues: the plane tends to roll left, and …

Can't get joystick to work

Hi to all, I installed DOSBox 0.72 some weeks ago, and I installed the flightsims I used to play on my old 486. However, it looks like the joystick is stuck in the upper left corner: the planes pitch down and roll left, and in the menus the cursor goes in the upper left corner of the screen. I found …

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