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Re: Ways to dump memory to a file->

in DOSBox General
@Peter Swinkels reverse engineering is one of the stronges topics in software development - its very complicated and time consuming - you can spend month only on Alley Cats analysis (btw: someone does that already: https://github.com/gabonator/Work-in-progress/tree/master/DosGames/AlleyCat) 1. …

Re: trouble with a program: cup386

in DOSBox General
for unpacking old dos executables what executables - maybe someone know already how to unpack them no idea (cup386 don't seem to like EMM386) - but have you tried UNP from http://unp.bencastricum.nl/ - well known, works under dosbox and maybe able to unpack you exe

repne/repnz movsw: Invalid instruction prefix mystery

in DOSBox General
im currently reverse engineering a small DOS 16bit program and stumbled over invalid prefix combinations comming out of IDA/ndisasm when using MASM to assemble it back to code TASM and NASM have no problem to assemble these instructions - but MASM/UASM failing im currious what is the correct code …

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