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Re: Ensoniq Soundscape S-2000 vs Spea V7 media fx

Alright everybody, I'm looking for some info about these two cards. What I'm interested in is if the SPEA is just a rebranded Ensoniq or not. Well, after some research, I've found out there are actually two revisions of SPEA V7 media fx card. Each card uses different set of drivers which are …

Re: New SC55 Soundfont 266MB (all new 44.1k samples)

This is awesome. Testing it now with an MP32L and so far (just 10 minutes into it) sounds quite good and balanced. It also couldn't be a better timing to have this available now since I have to stow away all my MIDI stuff for a couple of years to come most likely so the small MP32L will suit my GM …

Cyrix FasMath Diagnostic Disk (5.25")

I bought some old stuff yesterday, among which a box with approx. 100 5.25" disks. Among those was this disk of the Cyrix FasMath coprocessor. Would anyone be interested in this? I don't have a PC with 5.25" drive anymore so I can't test if it is still good but the disk and sleeve are in very good …

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