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Re: Zak runs fine..

I'm happy with Zak running finally on my box, now even with sound, which I couldn't activate in DOS, and my version of Zak did not run with scummvm, either. But now I finally may be able to play it (have to test game-saves). I did hold back playing "day of the tentacle" until now, because I hoped …

Re: Jones In the Fast Lane

I have the floppy version, been looking out for the cd version a long time now. Hard to find, I have seen the cd, but unfortunately the guy who had it managed to put it on top of another cd in his cd drive, and then it was rendered useless

C&C Red Alert + Networking

in Windows
I finally got C&C Red Alert to work in win xp by adding the latest C&C RA Patch and activating compatibility, BUT it seems that C&C RA needs IPX to support networking, without IPX it wont even show the choice of networking, and I want to play C&C RA against my friends. Any ideas?

Re: Amazing win2k3 dos support

I'm baffled... Micr$oft has done something with dos support on their new os. It has mpu-401 support out of the box, in msdos boxes. Kinda dope. I've been playing transport tycoon deluxe with my mt-32 without silly timing issues (I think it's the only game which runs right). I know, I can't really …

cga emu

try for example running digger (http://www.digger.org (that version works under vga too, but the original didnt) it wont work. cga and ega/vga isnt compatible!

C&C Red Alert in 2K/XP

in Windows
Red Alert won`t work in 2K/XP, it says that it wasn`t made to run under NT 5.0. So i set all the compatiblity modes on. IT STILL WONT RUN!!!

CGA & PC speaker Emulation

Does there exist any CGA emulators for DOS, (I`ve seen one but it required EGA!) Besides MESS, does there exist any good FREE PC-XT emulators? Is it possible to emulate the PC Speaker through the soundcard? Zpider

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