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Re: Weeds General MIDI SoundFont v3.0

For anyone interested, ¥Weeds¥ General MIDI SoundFont v4.0B (yeah, I FINALLY updated and uploaded this thing!): Download: http://bhservices.us/weeds/Temp/WeedsGM4.zip Update Readme (WeedsGM4): http://bhservices.us/weeds/Temp/WeedsGM4.txt Complete Readme (WeedsGM3): http://jasonwilliams400com. …

Re: Simcity 2000 Midi Synth

No problem at all 😀 Strange that the ZIP crashed your unarchiver... unzipping works fine on mine (I use Total Commander's built-in unzippper, as well as PKUNZIP for DOS, no problems).

Hardball 6 under Windows XP Locks Up

Has anyone had any luck running Hardball 6 under Windows XP? Or for that matter, Windows 7/10 (I've read a few sparse messages on the internet with the same problem under those versions of Windows as well)? I've played Hardball 5 for DOS for eons now, and recently bought Hardball 6. The game …

Re: Case badges

in Milliways
I created a nice retro computer case badge for my retro gaming rig using my COL business logo from decades ago 😀 Nothing fancy here, simply a quick printout on an Avery label. (re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzi4K4ZeJCI )

Re: DOS TSR to repeatedly press a key?

@Stretch, thanks for the info :) I'll give that a try ASAP. @CrosBow777, a batch file wouldn't work. What I'm trying to do is (yeah, I know... story of my life: WASTE TIME, and I'm quite easily amused LOL!): I'm trying to start the old DOS version of the board game "Risk" and allow just the AI (no …

Re: A new soldering iron and stand :)

in Milliways
I myself have never used a soldering iron with variable temperature, I simply change out the tip based on job. As far as battery powered, the types of soldering irons that I've used and owned are designed for factory work... to be powered up all day long (like when I worked at Racal-Milgo decades …

Re: A new soldering iron and stand :)

in Milliways
P.S. On the left side of the pic: My OLD soldering iron and stand that I've had for over 40 years 😀 Hehe, that plug is about the fourth replacement that I have installed on it throughout the course of the decades.

A new soldering iron and stand :)

in Milliways
This is not really VOGONS related per say, but it's sort of: Here is my brand new American Beauty 60-watt "Little Dandy" (model "3112-60") soldering iron and Hexacon model "820" soldering iron stand :) I was replacing (and retiring) my heavily used retro soldering iron and stand that I've had for …

DOS TSR to repeatedly press a key?

I'm looking for a DOS TSR that will repeatedly press a keyboard key every few seconds. Preferably something that could be started and stopped by a predetermined hotkey combination.... something that could be run under DOSBox, and would support something like this: Execute and load TSR (with command …

HardBall 4 MIDI Music and HardBall 5 WAV Music :)

in Milliways
After more than two decades, I just FINALLY got around to ripping all of Accolade's "HardBall 5" MOST EXCELLENT in-game music to WAV files, and will be encoding them to MP3 files ASAP... WOOHOO! :) For a *LIMITED TIME ONLY*, snag it while it's hot... the MIDI music from Accolade's "HardBall 4", and …

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