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sound trouble? check your openGL !!

in GliDOS General
this is something all of us have to check: do you have the latest drivers for your card ?? (the openGL driver comes with it) openGL is not an easy standard and many vendors have trouble with it....... the sound stuttering / etcetera is a problem I once experienced with a virus checker taking too …

sb? xp?

in GliDOS General
get rid of xp and the soundblaster. not joking 😀 have a personal grudge against anything creative produces since I lost a few weekends on trying to make their stuff work.... fixed it with the aforementioned daytona (15 EUR/US$ solution)

sound probs... i wonder......

in GliDOS General
i am curious to hear what soundcard you guys are using. i had *none* whatsoever (win98se UK version), and that is a miracle. i am testing this on a via chipset motherboard, you see 😈 the card is an ordinary turtlebeach daytona.... nothing great about that..

Glidos opengl reworked is excellent :)

in GliDOS General
being a Voodoo5 user, that is a compliment :)) I tested this on an old TNT2 with only 32 mbyte on a duron 750 mhz. Very playable, very good graphics. even the transparent cockpit works :)) If the in-game- text - disappearing can be fixed, this openglide rework is the holy grail for many disappointed …

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