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Re: Windows XP Hardware Monitor?

I used to use Motherboard Monitor 5. I'm not sure if it's easy to find now. There's also Open Hardware Monitor which I always planned to try but I don't think I ever did. From this issue it sounds like you might need to use an older version for XP compatibility.

Re: C-Kermit for Windows v10 beta

Thanks, this is cool! I tried using an older version once to talk to Concurrent DOS or some other thing that wanted a weird terminal emulation (I can't remember how successful that was though). I feel like I might have asked this before sometime in the last decade - apologies if so - but maybe I …


in DOS
I think that what you're looking for is called "card services" - I think that is the general term for PCMCIA driver packages - so maybe if you search for "card services" and "toshiba libretto" it will help [edit: this is incorrect, see reply below]. Good luck!

Re: Experience with "3DS801A" FM801 clone in DOS

I tested it with a different motherboard to my previous post - one with a VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset - just for the sake of convenience, and it worked with Fedora 7 and Knoppix 7.2. A weird issue I hit under Knoppix (and might have hit if I'd rebooted with Fedora 7) is that ALSA assigned a …

Re: Experience with "3DS801A" FM801 clone in DOS

foxbat wrote on 2022-07-20, 23:31: Does this card work for you under Linux? I can't remember, but I think it did. I'll try to test it again sometime in the next week. It might not be relevant, but what is the AC'97 codec chip on your card? Mine is the STAC9704T, yours looks similar but it's hard to …

Re: Connect Vt100 terminal into a dos/win311 machine

in DOS
Its a shame most terminals were just thrown in the bin. They're kind of hard to find these days. Yeah, I always wanted one but by the time I started searching eBay they were already very expensive. I do have some sort of IBM AS/400 terminal, but that is far from a serial terminal - it needs some …

Re: Terminal multiplexer for DOS

I come to the need for a scrolling utility and this one is cool. I didn't RTFM much so would you bother to share if it has any hotkey to directly scroll (like in linux) instead of an activation hotkey? Sorry, I don't know if it has anything like Linux's behaviour, after all these years I think I'm …

Re: Question to INSIGHT DOS Debugger

in DOS
Exploit wrote on 2022-07-11, 00:32: The distance between the Address 0E7F:0000 and 0E6F:0000 is btw. (dec) 274 bytes . That debugger looks nice! By the way I hope you noticed by now that this is wrong, the distance is 0x100 (i.e. 0x10 shifted left by 4 bits), i.e. 256 bytes.

Re: 386MAX source code released

Glancing at it, there is something about a custom C runtime library (qlib) that doesn't appear to be here so the C-based components may not be buildable. I can't find anything about qlib in the tree in commit 1edc33c, did you misread "qlink" (from the same author) or am I missing something? Anyway …

Re: Connect Vt100 terminal into a dos/win311 machine

in DOS
Personally, I think it was pretty usable for what it was. By 1990 standards, it was almost exciting even. Yeah, it was good for what it was, not as good as pcANYWHERE but if you already had PC Tools it was a lot cheaper (because you already had it)! If we're also talking about LAN-based remote …

Re: MagicPDF Printer

in Windows
Apparently older versions of CutePDF ran on Windows 95. If I recall correctly, what I did back in the '90s was use http://www.ghostgum.com.au/software/redmon.htm in combination with Ghostscript. It doesn't have a simple setup program that gives you a PDF printer, you need to read documentation and …

Re: Connect Vt100 terminal into a dos/win311 machine

in DOS
VMIX285.ZIP sounds interesting: VMiX is a multitasking and multiuser environment for IBM PC's and PS/2's (PC, XT, AT, PS/2, EISA) compatibles. - Graphics and text modes are supported by the shareware version. - Compatible with MSDOS 6.0 and DRDOS 6 relocation to high memory. - Loader utility for …

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