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Re: Request for (new) front end

I've never used RetroArch but... it probably hits a couple of these points. The DOSBox Pure core fully supports libretro save states DOSBox Pure creates a separate environment for each game automatically when it's "opened" from the downloaded ZIP file, including a persistent, game-specific "hard …

Re: Further GDI/Text Support?

SOTHR doesn't have multiplayer. Dark Omen requires DPLAY for multiplayer but it doesn't have a gog release. I'm not trying to give anyone a hard time. I am interested. I've done mods for all of these games (execpt HOMM).

Re: Further GDI/Text Support?

It looks like WinG is a simple pass-thru to GDI, though I haven't check the SDK. https://github.com/wine-mirror/wine/blob/master/dlls/wing32/wing32.c I'm think SOTHR runs fine (without Dgvoodoo2) on both Windows and Wine? Anyways... Narzoul's DDrawCompat is interesting. (aside: I tried to port the …

Re: Further GDI/Text Support?

> Battle.net interface for Diablo 1 and Warcraft II Battle.net Edition DWM redirects GDI and DDRAW drawing to different layers. Which prevents DDRAW from erasing things drawn by GDI. A proper fix for this issue would require the ability to redirect GDI drawing operations to an offscreen device …

Re: Earliest Direct3D Immediate mode and retained mode games

in Milliways
The early DirectX Software Development Kits provide irrefutable evidence that Direct3D was introduced by DirectX 2 (If that was in dispute?). Dark Omen is a D3DRM game from 1998. Edit: DirectX3 was release released only a couple of weeks after DirectX2... so I doubt anyone would have created and …

Re: Minimum background FPS

The "background" fps probably has no relation to ddraw/d3d... (unless it triggers from a surface lost code). Assuming the current fix isn't patching the game directly, usually one would hook various messages and functions (WM_ACTIVATEAPP, IsIconic(), GetFocus(), DirectInput???, etc.). The hooks …

Re: SMACKW32 2.x Wrapper DLL

in Windows
Your proxy dll forwards `_SmackToScreen@24` but the Smacker Version: 3.2j from DosFreak's archive exports `_SmackToScreen@28`. This is interesting since "3.2j from Rage Expendable" would appear to be different. edit: this may be common...

Re: Destruction Derby 2 - Windows version - working in Win8.1 64bit

in Windows
I haven't look at the game but... It probably finds the CD-ROM drive by calling `GetLogicalDrives()` or `GetLogicalDriveStrings()` to get all the used drive letters. Then it would pass each drive letter to `GetDriveTypeA()` to see if it has the type `DRIVE_CDROM`. Which is probably no help to you at …

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