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Re: VGA card doing only monochrome

Have few cards like this in my collection. I guess that they have modded bios optimised for monochrome vga monitors. Because text modes are usually monochome, but if you run some graphics modes (run volkov commander or quake), they are with colors (some not with all colors). For example STB TLI4: …

Re: Can we figure out Rage XL?

What bothers me now is this card. The purple ETC board seems to suggest that it is mobility, but a rom dump would probably make it pretty clear. http://www.vgamuseum.info/images/vlask/ati/ragem-petcf.jpg It wasn't uncommon for a board design to show up in products using different Rage chips, but …

Re: NVIDIA NV1 Wrapper

in PC Emulation
If someone still needs NV1 info, i have available NV1 SDK with many programming manuals....it might be handy for projects like this... http://vgamuseum.info/images/doc/nvidia/nv1-sdk-1.50.rar

Re: Can we figure out Rage XL?

Have also register reference guides....but for xl, not for pro, so hard to compare.... There is also this: Select memory type: 000 = Disable memory access 001 = Reserved for basic DRAM 010 = Reserved for EDO 011 = Reserved for hyper page DRAM or EDO 100 = SDRAM (1:1) 101 = SGRAM (1:1) (default) 110 …

Re: Can we figure out Rage XL?

Triangle rate and texture cache size is the same. Only difference is 100 vs 125MHz maximum memory clock and ofc dieshrink to 0.25. Maybe they finally learned how to optimize drivers. Chip is two years younger compared to rage pro..... Btw specs are available at my site: http://vgamuseum.info/images/ …


Dont think that simm modules help any way in increasing resolution. Tiga cards have 2 different memories. VRAM limiting maximum resolution and number of colors and DRAM sometimes on simm modules for executing software in cards memory. So simms might increase capacity of memory used by programs, but …


Been working with HWinfo author on basic tiga detection. But i have only Spea cards. On them its working along with memory size. Someone want to try it on his tiga other than spea? DOS version available here... http://vgamuseum.info/images/doc/hwinfo/

Re: VGA custom resolution

Dunno if it helps, but highest common resolution you can use on every VGA card is 360x480. Its one of my testing resolutions for Quake 1, as every VGA card i tested supports it. Even original IBM VGA... https://youtu.be/octArwHpaiY

Re: Something for lovers of bad video cards (youtube)

Maybe review infamous 3dfx failure - Voodoo Rush? Not really. Voodoo Rush was perfect card compared to most others at that time. Yeah it had compatibility issues with early glide patches, but its been solved. You can check this one, doesn't seem to be broken like all S3 cards of that time for …

Re: Something for lovers of bad video cards (youtube)

Rendition, is that considered bad? I would argue Rendition cards are amazing if not for the horrible Mode X performance. :( I think that they were considered as mainstream at that time. Not highend numbers, but without image quality issues of many competitors. Not sure about it, but i think that …

Re: Something for lovers of bad video cards (youtube)

Guys, have some bad news. Sadly person who did for me english correction and provided his great voice have no time for it anymore. Just finished beta version of new episode, but have noone to do voiceover. And my english is really horrible. So if theres someone able and viling to help me, i will be …

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