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HP C1405A Keyboard Cable

I've been looking for a better keyboard than the one I currently have on my 486 where the space bar flops around like dogs ears and the enter gets jammed down after pressing it. It's a real junk heap. I found someone selling an HP C1405A that looks to be in great condition, but it doesn't have the …

Re: CF adaptor issues.

is it just the CD-ROM issue you were left with? I'd plug it into the second IDE port as master. The CD-ROM and the weird installation error I kept getting trying to install the sound card drivers. For all I know it could have had errors installing other things like games, but I never took it that …

CF adaptor issues.

After some time fiddling around with settings, different cards and being on the borderline of hair ripping I found that I was having some quite strange issues with my CF adaptor used in place of the hard drive. I was planning on setting my 486 machine up with mostly original hardware excluding a …

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