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Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

EmanuelePulciDoria wrote on 2020-05-26, 21:24: @MasterO, I have seen your link before it was deleted, thank you, very useful. Do you have a thread talking about Dosbox-staging? Dosbox should definitely have this phone book feature and I really do not understand why it has been deleted. Please check …

Re: The BuildGDX v1.09 Sourceport Also Now Supports Shadow Warrior

in DOS
I tested this the other day on Windows 2000 with the Blackwingcat patch installed. Worked well. Need to test vanilla 2000 next. The FPS counter was crazy thought like 800+fps with my 980ti on my C2Q whereas the standard renderer was like 40fps so not sure if I can trust the in-game fps. Have you …

CatacombGL 0.4.0 Beta - New Sourceport for Catacombs 3D and Its Sequels

in DOS
https://github.com/ArnoAnsems/CatacombGL/releases/tag/v0.4.0-beta https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/102331-catacombgl-040-supporting-all-catacomb-3d-games/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-2061544 CatacombGL version 0.4.0 was just released, supporting all four Catacomb 3D games. Main features: * Runs …

Hexen Deathkings of the Dark Citadel CRCs

in DOS
(Before anyone posts in this thread to use a source port such as ZDoom, GZdoom, Chocolate Hexen, etc, I am not asking how to play Hexen in a source port or DosBox. I know how to do that). My actual question for any Hexen fans here is this: are the hashes below correct for the Deathkings executable? …

Duke Nukem 3d: Atomic Edition - Setup Crash

I have a physical CD of Duke Nukem 3d: Atomic Edition 1.5. I installed it in dosbox via a bin/cue file that I made with Imgburn. The problem is that after I use setup.exe to setup the game, when I try to exit Duke Nukem Atomic, the game hangs at the exit screen that says "Thanks for playing" and …

Re: Mario Is Missing Deluxe Crashes

core=simple is seldom used. Do you get crashes with core=auto, the default setting? machine=svga_paradise core=auto cputype=auto xms=false ems=true umb=false memsize=16 No, core=auto and cputype=auto work properly here. Also, to clarify, after getting past that door on the first floor where the …

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