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Re: Wolfenstein 3D remake

Personally I prefer such old games to be left the way they are (the way they were originally meant to be played). The various Doom re-modeling and re-texturing projects for example look nice but at the same time don't look anywhere near as great as a commercially-produced product. That's just my …

Re: junked or retired hardware

Junked: (Actually, I regret junking most of this stuff after I got access to a soldering station) ABIT KR7A-133 motherboard ABIT KR7A-RAID motherboard Intel TC430HX motherboard + integrated S3 ViRGE w/ 2 MB (x2) Intel AN430TX motherboard + integrated ATI 3D Rage II+DVD w/ 2 MB Unknown 486 VLB …

Re: If Quake were made today

Have you tried Grand Theft Auto III/4, Assassin's Creed? Haven't played Assassin's Creed but I did thoroughly enjoy the 3D GTA games, despite being bug-ridden. Yes you obviously still have to complete tasks in order to "complete" the game but the degree of freedom in those games is tremendous. My …

Re: Suggestions for inductors

I'm not exactly sure what component you're looking for but the "R" reference designator is usually used by circuit designers to denote resistors. Anyways, these component suppliers have a plethora of component values, in almost every package and footprint available (surface-mount, through-hole, etc …

Re: Best DOS video card?

Very nice useful link there. 😀 From my experience NVIDIA cards work pretty well up until the GeForce3, as well as most S3 cards. Just for fun, I wonder if you can try to see how more modern cards (i.e. GeForce 7 and higher) fare, haha.

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