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Re: Game confession!

in Milliways
dr_st wrote: For example, I myself have no special place in my heart for stuff of the 80s, because I first started using a computer in the 90s. So, in a way, you're awesome. 😀 Says the guy with a 1984 game for an avatar.

Re: Old Hard Drives

All 3.5". Early 90s to new. 40 MB to 2 TB. There are around 30 altogether. That metal case is very cool, but I'd have to get 3 of them which is more than I want to spend on this. Edit: mentioning VHS cases made me go see if they could be used for this. Almost perfect fit. There's a 2 inch space that …

Re: Old Hard Drives

I have a lot of old IDE disks around, so probably I'm ok for a decade or so considering the rate of HDDs going bad is low in my case, according to my experience. What's a good storage solution if you have a lot of old hard drives? Stacked in shelves? I toppled about a dozen onto the floor a while …

Re: Deteriorating game collection - how to preserve it?

in Milliways
If you're worried about this you should get a proper CD storage case which stores each disc in its own wallet. Though this raises other concerns: is the plastic used in the wallets stable over time? I had one old CD from the 1980s that got trashed not due to 'disc rot' but because some of the …

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