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Re: OpenGLide Logo

Snover wrote: Okay, here's the logo with some nifty stuff I've done to it. 😀 Later, after it starts working better than eVoodoo, I get to add "world's best". 😀 It'll, err, be on a blue background, so don't mind the inner shadow colour. 😀 Care if the Pixelmeister plays with it? (ME! 🤣!) 😁

Re: RB3D continued

Nono, the first one is running GliDOS on his Voodoo5 without sunglare. The second is running Glide natively on his Voodoo5 with sunglare. I'm not confused about the sunglare, but I *AM* confused as to why you'd run the Wrapper if you have a Voodoo Card!! The Voodoo Card is calling Glide........ The …

Re: Totally confused

Stiletto wrote: Or Red Baron - arcade... ;) http://www.atarihq.com/museum/coinops/games/redbaron.jpg […] Show full quote Or Red Baron - arcade... 😉 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh man, that was a good one! 😁

Re: RB3D continued

DeltaK wrote: Welcome home! 😁 Danke! 😜 Oh how I wish I could put the SPADKILLER into the game!! The Naglo Quadruplane....... 4 wings 4 forward firing machine guns 260 hp Mercedes engine 137 mph at sea level! Then, I would have a new name........... STITCH. 😁

Re: RB3D continued

Can I have it. :D :D One of the FEW things Microsloth actually got right? ........No way bubba. :D You might try E-Bay.........Most of the volksherren that have them tend to keep them, but maybe someone upgraded to a 2 joystick setup. .........Read carefully their reason for getting rid of it. :)


er, wha...? What am I doing here? Oh, I thought you said "Return of the Jedi". Heh. :D Don't remind me.......Wiping out 6 Star Destroyers & untold number of TIE fighters & bombers, only to get an incomplete at the end of the mission!! One thing I *DID* like, was naming my pilots & watching them get …

Rotj Ii

If you are using the ROTJ II mod for Red Baron, a fix is available. It corrects discoloration & soft DTD's in the program, so I reccomend getting this file, even if you aren't having probs with ROTJ. http://benchmarksims.com/ROTJ/rotj.htm 😁

Re: RB3D continued

Still not sure what joystick to buy. For now, I want one with a twisting yoke, but I've seen some terrible reviews about the Precision 2. They say it is no where near as good as the one it replaces. Maybe the Precision Pro 2 is better. Also there's the Top Gun Fox Pro, but there seems to be about …

Re: Ugly Tiles

Thanks for the info Mahoney. Saves a lot of hunting for something that isn't there. I believe there are people trying to wrestle the source off Sierra. If they are successful, then there could be a solution. Never happen, G-man........... Si(hi?)erra is stubbornly hanging onto the "Red Baron" name, …

Re: RB3D continued

Hey US185Damiani, you must a really powerful computer. I've never seen "Red Baron" look that good. I especially like the "patchy grass" texture and the "guy in shorts 3D render". Nice smoke/dust effect, too. Very realistic. I could build it, but your framerates would be in the single digits!! …

Re: RB3D continued

The passthrough would have been ont of those 15pin conectors though, wouldn't it. I'm wondering whether USB means that now you can just connect up any number of things. I guess there might be trouble with competing versions of control-mapping software. The CH Products pedals: they say racing or …

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