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Re: Minimal install for DOSBox/95 gaming

No version of Windows 9X is recommended for DOSBox. You are purely doing so at your own risk. I'm aware of that, let me rephrase my question in case it wasn't clear enough. The topic creator mentions a "95 retail CD", what version is that Windows 95 retail CD exactly? And I do know I'm asking this …

Re: Minimal install for DOSBox/95 gaming

I want to try the manual guide from the first post, but what is the recommended Windows 95 version to use? BTW, will DirectX6 work correctly in Age of Empires 2? I have installed Windows 98 with DirectX 8.0a, but there are certain graphic bugs. Only after installing DX9.0c the errors where fixed, …

Re: Set Windows 95 resolution to 320x240

Hi, I currently don't have the "List all modes..." button to select any of the available video modes, mayber because in Windows 95 that button didn't exist OR because my Windows is using the default VGA adapter instead of the S3 driver. I already got the S3 driver file, but how do I copy this file …

Re: Windows 95 and DOSBox.

I got Windows 95 correctly installed and running, but the embedded S3 video drivers totally screw up video display. The S3 site no longer offers drivers for Windows 9x, where can I get an S3 SVGA driver that works on DosBox?

Set Windows 95 resolution to 320x240

Hi, I've installed DosBox on my Motorola Z6 and Windows 95 on it, but I'm desperately needing to lower the screen resolution to 320x240 pixels which is the phone's display size. I'm using the svga_s3 machine mode in dosbox but in Windows I'm not using the S3 driver because it screws up the graphics. …

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