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Re: Dune "HERAD" Ad Lib Music Hacking

in DOS
psy_ wrote on 2022-05-31, 10:44: Hi xcomcmdr, thx for the help! would be nice to have a compiled HSQ compression program, the adlib gold driver is from dune floppy version and made by ripsaw8080 to play nice with generic opl3 soundcards, hope it would work with the CD version of the game. Hello, …

Re: Dune "HERAD" Ad Lib Music Hacking

in DOS
Hello, sorry I could not answer sooner. You can run the game from the hard drive, with all the files from DUNE.DAT decompressed into the same folder as DNCDPRG.EXE. You still need to re-pack your driver with HSQ compression. Maybe I could produce a compiled executable of sonicpp's HSQH.C file.

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Hey, don't put all adventure games in the same bag. The Secret of Monkey Island doesn't use moon logic at all, for example. It's the same for all Lucas Arts adventure games, now that I think about it. Also, you don't die every 3 seconds.

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