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Re: PCI sound card issues in MS-DOS on modern PC

By default, PCI cards don't work at all under DOS with AMD chipsets. For 700-900 series chipsets, you can load the TSR but it'll have no effect. Games won't even detect the presence of Sound Blaster, so even synths won't work. The situation is worse than ICH6+/nForce southbridges. On the other hand, …

Re: Running DOS on modern hardware is impossible

in DOS
I used to run DOS games on Windows XP though I used SoundFX and VDMsound emulators for music and sfx. This was early 2000, before DOSBOX. Unfortunately Vista dropped support for it. Yeah, VDMSound/SoundFX was something very interesting before DOSBox becomes popular. Although the performance was far …

Re: ESS Maestro 2e (es1978) FM Chip not found

The Maestro family does not have hardware FM synthesis, the Solo-1 (ES1938/ES1946/ES1969) was the last ESS PCI sound chipset with that feature. I know that. I think the OP might be referring to the ability to play music through 0x388h. This is present in all ESS chips regardless of family (Solo, …

Re: X58 + Yamaha7x4/AureaV1/2 Sound-pure Dos7.1- compatibility list(+i865/VIA) +research+ultimate configs, WIP- gurus needed

Its different thing, but its shame that Creative doesnt support it properly.. Otherwise what are advantages of Audigy 2 in comparision with Realtek? Im not sound guy so in general Realtek HD sound is good enough for me. Does on that system Audigy working with Win98, or its too old OS for that HW? …

Re: Running DOS on modern hardware is impossible

in DOS
actually that's not the biggest problem, that problem would be CSM (compatibility support module) support on UEFI can be eliminated (and in some machines and devices it has been done already). this component is mandatory for booting any OS that requires or expects a BIOS instead of UEFI (mainly 16 …

Re: Running DOS on modern hardware is impossible

in DOS
twiz11 wrote: ok i goofed, i mean modern system as in windows or mac most likely... can you run dos in linux Running DOS in Linux was possible a long time ago thanks to DOSEMU, although DOSBox (preferrably the DOSBox-X fork) is available for Linux as well.

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