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Re: No CD music -- or any music-- in BAK

Under linux, most CD playing programs should play the audio tracks off your CD (I personally use gnome-cd myself for mixed-mode CDs) If you're really at a loss for how to test it, I personally recommend the CDfs kernel module. http://www.elis.rug.ac.be/~ronsse/cdfs/ When you mount a CD using this …

Re: wing commander 3, wc armada, privateer

I agree Alkarion... It always sounded to me like the guy doing the voice for the main character just could not for the life of him keep a straight face while reading his lines. It's too bad that they couldn't get the guy who did the intro from the original speech pack back for the CD version. The CD …

Re: Dosbox - USB?

USB Joysticks are most certainly supported in Dos Box. In fact, the Dos Box developpers recommend a USB Game Controller for Dos Box over a Gameport based one.

Re: SourceForge.net project ("Munt")

I've been playing around with the ALSA driver, which I pulled out of CVS. I'm noticing, that as with Tristan/Canadacow's version, there's no way to control the samplerate at which this thing plays. Kingguppy, have you thought of making that an option? It's almost useable on my PIII/600 as it is, but …

Re: HELP - Leisure Suit Larry 7

Specifically, the "Breakthrough for A Final Unity" sticky thread is the one that discusses DOS32/A. If you can't get it to work, DOS4GW games are often more stable under the 'normal' core rather than the 'dynamic' core. If you get it running with DOS32/A, the likelihood that you'll be able to run it …

Re: King's Quest 5 on Dosbox

The last time I ran KQ5 (Back during Dos Box 0.60) it was much better to select Thunderboard sound, instead of Sound Blaster in the game's install. I do not know if that is still the case, but it is something to note, if you have trouble with the sound in the game.

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